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We are providing Perspectives as a Service,
to individuals and corporations.

Varia helps individual users to leave their filter bubble, supports journalists in their daily work and allows corporate customers to be well informed about the hot topics in their industries

Our Solutions:

The consideration of different perspectives is necessary to understand the full story. This applies to individual users who want to get a broader view on news topics, just as well, as to journalists who want to quickly understand what the hot topics of their assigned story are – and how other publishers report on it. Further, also corporate decision makers have to consider different perspectives, when they aim to make well informed decisons.

Varia is a specialized text analytics and software company. With our own natural language processing (NLP) framework, we can provide different Perspectives as a Service – for all the topics that matter to our clients. Fully automated, scalable, remote as SaaS or on-premise.

Our team is currently working intensively with journalists & corporate clients, while also continuously pushing our B2C News product. We invite you to already give our B2C Alpha version a go, test it and provide some feedback for us, while we continue to build it into the news research platform of the future!

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Varia Media perspectives as a service

About Varia

In short:

  • Varia is the first text analytics platform that provides perspectives as a service.
    To individual readers & independent journalists (B2C), as well as publishers and industrial clients (B2B)
  • What is a perspective? Different perspectives are different points of view on a common topic. We automatically detect different viewpoints through our multi-layer NLP framework, by focusing on contextual, semantical or sentimental differences.
  • Journalists can use Varia Research to put an end to messy workarounds of desk research, and now store all research relevant documents in one place – while at the same time efficiently discover additional perspectives around their research topic.
  • Publishers can integrate Varia’s perspectives as a service internally, to leverage internal sources (CMS & archives) as well as external sources – providing an efficient research tool for their journalists
  • Industrial clients can leverage our high performance API to efficiently process their existing flood of content and news sources – but also to discover relevant perspectives from external sources
  • Varia is powered by our own scalable and topic agnostic natural language processing (NLP) framework – which allows us to scale into different B2B markets, providing perspectives as a service on the industry news that matter to you!


We are always on the lookout for bright people to join our efforts!


We are happy to hear from you!
Be it as journalist for media inquiries, business leader struggling with too much text information around your topics of concern – or as potential Investor. Reach out to us for inquiries and more information via info@varia.media
If you want to get in touch with us via Slack, you can do that too!

Varia is officially recognized by the German BMWi (Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy) and its INVEST program – which is highly attractive for private and institutional investors. Check out more information over here – or simply reach out to us

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