Welcome to Varia

At Varia, we are building a new kind of news platform with a simple but important vision:

Making complementary information of high quality easily accessible and consumable for everyone

With our vision we are building our part of the future of media. We aim to provoke a behavioural change in the way we consume media and pull people out of their filter bubbles – more about this here!

„Future“ means „yet to come“, hence this homepage is also a thing of the future and not completed yet. You can find first information under the About section – for inquiries and additional information please contact us at info@varia.media or fill in the following form in order to stay tuned about Varia…

E.g. subscribe if you want to hear first about our beta-version..!

Oh and by the way, WE ARE HIRING! –> JOBS

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Varia | well informed

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