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At Varia, we are building a new kind of news platform with a simple but important vision:

Making complementary information of high quality easily accessible and consumable for everyone

With our vision we are building our part of the future of media. We aim to provoke a behavioural change in the way we consume media and pull people out of their filter bubbles – more about this here!

„Future“ means „yet to come“, hence this homepage is also a thing of the future and not completed yet. You can find first information under the About section – for inquiries and additional information please contact us at info@varia.media or fill in the below form in order to stay tuned about Varia…

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Oh and by the way, WE ARE HIRING! –> JOBS

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About Varia

Its time to change the way we consume news and media – at Varia, this is exactly what we aim to do!

The way we consume news and media has changed dramatically over the past 10 years. The rise of social networks and online media has clearly challenged the willingness to pay for quality journalism.

Furthermore we have become addicted to short news, quick facts, headlines & live tickers. Fast has become more important than true and feed algorithms make sure that we only get to see what we like. Thus we find ourselves deeper and deeper in filter bubbles and echo chambers, losing the broader picture and missing relevant aspects of important stories.

It is too early to tell how the current way of consuming news will influence us and our society in the long term. However, we are convinced that ever shorter news and one-sided opinions that are fed to us based on our individual profiles will foster uncritical and intolerant thinking.

In our view, that poses a great danger to our society – this is why we must act now and change the rules of the news game. Therefore, we are building Varia – a news platform with social purpose and a sustainable vision.

Stay tuned – you will hear from us (subsribe above!).

Georg \\ Stefan \\ Andreas \\ Konstantin


We are hiring!

We are looking for ambitious and driven developers who can identify themselves with our vision and are ready to tackle the challenges of filter bubbles and biased media consumption.

If you are interested in accompanying us on our journey as early stage startup, check out our current job openings:

  • Frontend Developer: Angular 2+ & UX Design (Internship/Full-time)
  • Backend Developer: MEAN Stack – Node.js & MongoDB – you should have TypeScript knowledge and ideally are also familiar with GraphQL (Internship/Full-time)

You will have the chance to collaborate closely with the founding team and have the opportunity to work on your own dedicated projects. Ideally, you have a background in computer science or similar and already gathered relevant work experience. Most important, however, is that you are motivated to work in a fast-paced environment and help us change the news game for the better.

Submit your questions or applications directly to Georg Horn (georg@varia.media) – we will be in touch with you shortly!

Wir haben Jobs zu vergeben – und wir suchen dich!

…wenn du schon immer mal in einem echten Early-Stage Startup arbeiten wolltest, dich für unsere Vision begeistern kannst und die sich schnell wandelnde Medienbranche mit uns umkrempeln willst.

Wir suchen derzeit nach:

  • Frontend Entwickler: Angular & UX Design (Praktikum/Werkstudent/Vollzeit)
  • Backend Entwickler: MEAN Stack – Node.js & MondoDB, ausserdem TypeScript – und idealerweise GraphQL (Praktikum/Werkstudent/Vollzeit)

Du wirst einerseits die Möglichkeit haben, eng mit dem Gründerteam zusammenzuarbeiten und so spannende Einblicke in das gesamte Themenspektrum eines Early-Stage Startups erhalten. Andererseits lassen wir dir die Freiheit, viel selbstständig und Remote zu arbeiten – daher setzen wir eine gewisse Eigeninitiative voraus. Zudem bringst du idealerweise bereits erste Arbeitserfahrung mit den entsprechenden Programmiersprachen mit.

Wenn wir dein Interesse geweckt haben, schreib uns eine kurze Nachricht oder am besten gleich deine Bewerbung an Georg Horn (georg@varia.media) – wir melden uns sogleich bei dir!


We are happy to hear from you!
Reach out for inquiries and more information via info@varia.media

Varia is officially recognized by the German BMWi (Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy) and its INVEST program – which is highly attractive for private and institutional investors. Check out more information over here – or simply reach out to us

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