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Better research, better articles.

Varia Research brings together what belongs together, key aspects of the journalistic research process:
Media Monitoring & Research Organization, and supercharges this with machine learning based insights

Media Monitoring

How about following all the news outlets and social media sources that are relevant for you in one place?

With Varia Reseach you can create as many customizable Feeds as you want, tailored to your sources and your keywords. Include news media and social media from our global sources catalog, or add your own favorite RSS!

Varia Research Feeds view

Research Organization

One story, one place! This is what our Dossier architecture stands for. Create as many Dossiers as you need, to organize your research – and keep all online links, files, notes, contacts & emails related to one story in one place!

Need to find your old research links, contact details for a follow-up story on your best-performing article? No problem, stored save in one Dossier…

Intelligent Recommendations

Your Dossiers in Varia Research are working for you. Based on the online content that you store in your Dossier, we provide you with additional insights & content recommendations on your research topic.

Our NLP-Framework leverages latest machine learning knowhow and automatically delivers relevant recommendations to your Dossier. This allows you to efficiently discover all relevant aspects of your story – and to consider multiple different perspectives on your topic!

Our Perspectives as a Service API can also be accessed as standalone product.

varia research recommendation detail view

Varia Research, for journalists content writers researchers you !

We are currently in closed testing of Varia Research, with selected journalists. You can be one of them too! Go ahead, get started, create an account and let us know why you want to become a tester. We will then (probably) approve your account, provide an onboarding and help you get started with Varia Research !

To learn about latest updates and new features in our alpha version of Varia Research, visit our open Changelog.

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