Varia Research

We are convinced that a good research tool should go beyond helping you organize your files or notes. It should also help you to be more efficient, so that you can focus on creating better content. Many journalists and other researchers are struggling with workarounds, lost files, lost contacts, lost overview – and eventually bad output.
We are here to help!

Conduct efficient journalistic research

Varia Research - main Features

Smart Dossier

Are you tired of storing the documents, links, notes & emails relevant to your research in different locations - only to get lost? We have a dossier for you, where you can keep it all together.

Customizable Feeds

We don't necessarily know what content you need - but you do. Hence we give you the opportunity to create and customize content feeds just as you need them.


Work together with your team, collect relevant research information, delegate, organize, perform.

Full Text access

We are working to extend our collaborations with licensing partners, to provide you full text access to the content you need for your research.

Perspectives as a Service

You do great research and find great results - but what happens with your search results? We provide you with automated recommendations and different perspectives on the content you have already found - thereby dramatically accelerating your research.

Vast amount of Sources

Varia Research is open to, and can be extended to, as many sources as you need for your research. Thousands of international news outlets are included as a start, further extensions are possible.

Browser Clipping

Store content into your reading list or Vaira Research dossier from everywhere on the web. You want different perspectives on the article you recently saw online? Save it to your Varia Dossier, we will take care of the rest.

... sounds good?

Varia Research is still under development – and currently in closed testing mode with selected partners. If you like what you see, are courious about our further plans & development, do not hesitate to reach out! We maybe still have a slot for a testing access for you…