Varia News

While we are working with journalists and other researchers, as well asd B2B corporate clients already, our Varia B2C news platform for everybody – is not fully available to the public yet (at least not our live 1.0 Version).

We invite you to test our Varia News Alpha Version – where you can get a first glance of where this journey is headed. You can read more on Varia News, the B2C news platform product below.

Different perspectives on the news that matter

Varia Media perspectives as a service

The goal of Varia News, our B2C News platform is to provide perspectives as a service, for everyone, on all the news topics that matter.

We are already successfully working with professional clients, to provide a multitute of perspectives on the topics of their industries or researches. But different perspectives are important to all of us.

The way we consume news and media as individuals, has changed dramatically over the past 10+ years. The rise of social networks and online media has clearly transformed the ways we use to search and find news – as well as challenged the willingness to pay for quality journalism.

Furthermore, we have become addicted to short news, quick facts, headlines & live tickers. Fast has become more important than true and ad-motivated search & feed algorithms make sure that we only get to see what we like. Thus we find ourselves deeper and deeper in echo chambers, losing the broader picture and missing relevant aspects of important stories.

It is too early to tell how the current way of consuming news will influence us and our society in the long run. However, we are convinced that ever shorter news and exposure to one-sided coverage, that is fed to us based on our individual profiles, will foster uncritical and intolerant thinking. In our view, that poses a great danger to our democratic societies – this is why we must act now and change the rules of the news game. Therefore, we are building Varia not just as Varia Research, our journalistic research tool and as high performance API for corporates, but also as a B2C product – a news platform with a social purpose and a sustainable vision.

If you want to get a first glance at our B2C News product and experience different perspectives as a service – check out our B2C Alpha version! An overview of current capabilities and features of the B2C Alpha version is listed here.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!