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Varia is all about Perspectives as a Service – powered by our scalable and topic agnostic natural language processing framework & API. Our Varia Engine which leverages latest machine learning technologies, is the solution you need, to provide you with the unbiasing & efficiency gains you are looking for!

Leverage our API for your business

Different perspectives matter not only in news coverage of political events – also in your industry: different perspectives on emerging technologies, competition, or even your own enterprise can be highly relevant! Be more efficient when processing your industry information – and make well informed decisions!

We can seamlessly integrate our text analytics solutions into your existing products (API-first), or provide you with a genuine GUI, if required. Get in touch to learn more about remote/SaaS or on-premise solutions!

Reference case: connecting CRISPR research with public news and debates for Karger Publishers

Karger Publishers is a leading publishing house in the health science domain. Hence, they also have breakthrough research published around the current hot topic of bio-engineering and CRISPR cas9 (as well as related methods). Varia was approached to find a way, linking academic research papers with public news articles – in order to provide a broader access to the complex topic. As our Varia Engine and its NLP frameworks are topic agnostic, we could swiftly identify thousands of articles from public sources, that relate to the topics addressed by the academic papers published by Karger. For us, this was a beautiful example of bridging the gap between scientific research and public discourse!

„By collaborating with Varia and its technological solutions, we were able to quickly link relevant articles from the public debate with scientific texts from Karger – and thus offer our customers a new point of access to our content.“

„Durch die Zusammenarbeit mit Varia und deren technologischen Lösungen konnten wir schnell relevante Artikel aus der öffentlichen Debatte mit wissenschaftlichen Texten von Karger verknüpfen – und so unseren Kunden einen neuen Zugang zu unseren Inhalten bieten.“

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