Pricing & Plans B2C

While we are working with B2B corporate clients already, Varia B2C – the news & perspectives platform for everybody – is not available to the public yet
(at least not our live 1.0 Version).

While we invite you to test our B2C Alpha Version – you can already claim your front row seat for the live Version right now by pre-ordering a discounted Varia subscription!


General access to Varia will always be free - leave us your email below and we will notify you about our launch!

Early Bird Monthly

Pre-subscribe now for a monthly Varia subscription (EUR 7.-) and get another one for free!

Early Bird Annual

Pre-subscribe now for an annual Varia subscription at a discounted Early Bird rate of EUR 50.- (instead of EUR 70.-)

General access to the Varia B2C platform will always remain free – so that anyone can use Varia to navigate through different perspectives. Free access will not include any article credits or special features for searching, consuming, storing and sharing specific articles and topics will be limited.

You can try our B2C Alpha product already now, give it a spin here!

So sign up to our newsletter here to stay tuned about our development, you can always decide for a paid subscription service later on!

Your chance to get a free month of Varia! The monthly subscription will be valid for the first two month of our official Varia 1.0 live service, once released. By selecting this option, you benefit from a second free month, while only paying for the first.


Claim EUR 20.- discount on a yearly subscription of Varia by selecting the Early Bird Annual option. Your annual subscription will be valid as of the official Varia 1.0 live release.