Varia for your Business

Varia is all about Perspectives as a Service – for everybody, in our B2C newsplatform, but also tailored for publishing businesses and industrial clients. All this is powered by our scalable and topic agnostic natural language processing framework – the Varia Engine, which leverages latest machine learning technologies, to provide you with the efficiency gains you are looking for!

Publishing companies can support their journalistic processes with a new breed of research tool. Varia offers different perspectives on the topics your investigative reporters are working on. Link Varia to your CMS & external sources in parallel – to provide access to relevant articles and create better journalism!
Or integrate Varia directly on customer facing article pages – offering perspectives as a service to your readers, with source control fully in your hands.

Different perspectives matter not only in news coverage of political events – also in your industry, different perspectives on emerging technologies, competition, or even your own enterprise can be highly relevant! Be more efficient when processing your industry information – and make well informed decisions!

Get in touch to learn more about remote or on-premise solutions!

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