About Varia News - Alpha

You are testing our Varia News (B2C) Alpha version

Thank you very much!

You can read here about our approach to developing Varia News further – what to expect in the Alpha version, what to expect next, and how you can join the conversation!

Why are we making our Varia News Alpha version available?

We strongly believe in rapid prototyping, rapid testing and the theories of the lean-startup: Build-Measure-Learn. So the Alpha version of our B2C news platform is not even the first thing we have built and tested, we are just opening it up to a broader test audience, you.

The idea behind this is to learn fast and early, to make sure that our product is moving in the right direction. By principle, if a product is crap – you will find out, it is just a matter of when. By testing early and unfinished versions, we try to maximize early learning, in order to minimize risk and cost in our future development.

We are following the same approach for our journalistic research product. Hence, if you are a journalist and want to learn more about our ambition to bring efficiency gains & Perspectives as a Service to your work, please get in touch with us!

What can you expect from the current Varia News Alpha?

We continuously develop our Alpha version, features will change and be added over time. Here is a list of what the current version offers:

  • Different Perspectives: Our Varia News Alpha version brings you the first experience of different perspectives as a service. You can browse our home feed and filter for different news categories. For each article, at the push of a button, you can discover different perspectives on the same topic. We are constantly updating and changing the logic of perspectives shown, based on testing & feedback.
  • Articles: For now you find only english language articles in Varia News Alpha. Articles are updated on a daily basis and stem from a verified test base of international publishers.
  • Search: Use the search bar to seek out specific news topics. Our search has the same syntax that you know from Google (use „“ and – for detailed searches)
  • Topics: You can filter topics by main category in the top menue.
  • Reading: You cannot read the articles inside of Varia yet, instead you will be directly linked to the publisher. We are working towards publisher collaborations, to integrate their content directly – which would ease the user experience.
  • User Account: You can already now create a user account in the Varia News Alpha version – and we encourage you to do so, it will become your user account also for future versions of Varia News.

What to expect next

Varia News Alpha is a dynamic product and will change continuously. Major new features will be announced via our newsletter – we will keep you posted about more minor developments via our Varia Community (see below).

This means you are invited to come back to Varia News Alpha multiple times, see what changed – and let us know your feedback! Keep in mind, the worst feedback is the one that is not expressed

How you can join the conversation

Varia News Alpha is a dynamic product and will change continuously. You can actively influence the way it changes, by expressing your feedback. You can provide feedback directly in the Alpha app, but you can also join our Varia Slack Community to talk directly to us!

We would love to hear from you – and maybe you would love to hear from us? See early prototypes, participate in more testing and ask us anything?

Write us, to provide feedback and/or join the Varia Slack Community